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Required labs files can be DOWNLOADED HERE

Hyperlinks to each of the lab exercises are listed below.


Module Lab
Administer Identity 01 - Manage Azure Active Directory Identities
Administer Governance and Compliance 02a - Manage Subscriptions and RBAC
Administer Governance and Compliance 02b - Manage Governance via Azure Policy
Administer Azure Resources 03a - Manage Azure resources by Using the Azure Portal
Administer Azure Resources 03b - Manage Azure resources by Using ARM Templates
Administer Azure Resources 03c - Manage Azure resources by Using Azure PowerShell
Administer Azure Resources 03d - Manage Azure resources by Using Azure CLI
Administer Virtual Networking 04 - Implement Virtual Networking
Administer Intersite Connectivity 05 - Implement Intersite Connectivity
Administer Network Traffic Management 06 - Implement Traffic Management
Administer Azure Storage 07 - Manage Azure storage
Administer Virtual Machines 08 - Manage Virtual Machines
Administer Serverless Computing 09a - Implement Web Apps
Administer Serverless Computing 09b - Implement Azure Container Instances
Administer Serverless Computing 09c - Implement Azure Kubernetes Service
Administer Data Protection 10 - Implement Data Protection
Administer Monitoring 11 - Implement Monitoring