01 - Administer Identity

Configure Entra ID Identities

This area does not have a formal demonstration. Consider walking through the interactive lab simulation for student Lab 01.

Interactive Lab Simulation Lab 01

Alternatively, you could use one of these QuickStarts.

Reference: Quickstart - Access & create new tenant in Microsoft Entra ID

Reference: Quickstart - Create a group with members and view all groups and members

Configure User and Group Accounts

In this demonstration, we will explore Entra ID identities.

Reference: Add or delete users

Reference: Create a basic group and add members

Note: Depending on your subscription not all areas of the Microsoft Entra ID blade will be available.

Review license and domain information

  1. Access the Azure portal and navigate to the Microsoft Entra ID blade.

  2. On the Overview blade, review the Tenant information including license and primary domain.

Explore user accounts

  1. Select the Users blade.

  2. Explain the choices for New user and New guest user.

  3. Select New user and discuss the differences between Create user and Invite user.

  4. Create a New user reviewing the IdentityGroups and rolesSettings, and Job Info parameters.

  5. After the user is created, review Reset passwordDelete user, and Sign-ins.

Explore group accounts

  1. Return to the Microsoft Entra ID page and select the Groups blade.

  2. Create a New group or select an existing group to review.

  3. Review information about a group including Membership type and Type.