AI Engineer Exercises

These hands-on lab exercises support Microsoft course AI-102 Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution and the equivalent self-paced modules on Microsoft Learn. The exercises are designed to accompany the learning materials and enable you to practice using the technologies they describe.

To complete these exercises, you’ll require a Microsoft Azure subscription. You can sign up for a free trial at

Lab Environment Setup
Enable Resource Providers
Get Started with Azure AI Services
Manage Azure AI Services Security
Monitor Azure AI Services
Use an Azure AI Services Container
Analyze Text
Translate Text
Recognize and Synthesize Speech
Translate Speech
Create a language understanding model with the Azure AI Language service
Create a Conversational Language Understanding Client Application
Create a Question Answering Solution
Create a Bot with the Bot Framework SDK
Create a Bot with Bot Framework Composer
Analyze Images with Azure AI Vision
Analyze Video with Video Analyzer
Classify Images with Azure AI Custom Vision
Detect Objects in Images with Custom Vision
Detect and Analyze Faces
Read Text in Images
Extract Data from Forms
Create an Azure AI Search solution
Create a Custom Skill for Azure AI Search
Create a Knowledge Store with Azure AI Search