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Hyperlinks to each of the lab exercises and demos are listed below.


Module Lab
LP 1: Set up and configure financial management, and general ledger Lab: Configure journal name
LP 2: Accounts receivable, credit and collections Lab: Customer collection management
LP 3: Implement and manage accounts payable and expenses Lab: Apply payment terms and schedule
LP 4: Configure and manage budgeting Lab: Create a budget transfer rule
LP 5: Manage fixed assets Lab: Fixed asset transactions
LP 1 Optional Lab 1: Create and post vendor, customer, general ledger payments
LP 1 Optional Lab 2: Configure financial reports
LP 1 Optional Lab 3: Configure tax ledger posting groups
Optional LP 1: Set up and configure financial management Lab: Accrual schemes
LP 1 Optional Lab 5: Configure a dimension value
LP 2 Optional Lab 1: Create a temporary credit limit for a customer
LP 2 Optional Lab 2: Configure payment methods, terms, and days for customers
LP 3 Optional Lab 1: Configure an expense category
LP 5 Optional Lab 1: Acquire a fixed asset by using an AP invoice journal


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