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Module CaseStudy
Module 0: Case study introduction CaseStudy: Case study introduction
Module 1: Build overall security strategy CaseStudy: design a Zero Trust solution
Module 2: Design security operations strategy CaseStudy: Design a Security Operations Solution
Module 3: Design identity security strategy CaseStudy: Design an identity security solution
Module 4: Evaluate a regulatory compliance strategy CaseStudy: evaluate regulatory compliance
Module 5: Evaluate security posture and recommend technical strategies CaseStudy: evaluate security posture
Module 6: Understand architecture best practices CaseStudy: architecture best practices
Module 7: Design a strategy for securing server and client endpoints CaseStudy: remote access and endpoint strategy
Module 8: Design a strategy for securing PaaS_IaaS_and_SaaS services CaseStudy: securing PaaS, IaaS and SaaS services
Module 9: Specify security requirements for applications CaseStudy: requirements for applications
Module 10: Design a strategy for securing data CaseStudy: data security
Module 11: Recommend security best practices with MCRA and MCSB Case study: Best practices with MCRA and MCSB
Module 12: Recommend secure methodology with CAF Case study: Secure methodology with CAF
Module 13: Recommend a ransomware strategy by using Microsoft Security Best Practices Case study: Ransomware strategy