Receiving update notifications, suggesting changes, and collaborating on projects

You can configure your GitHub experience so that you receive notifications when updates occur to a GitHub repo. There are several ways in which you can sign up for notifications, and many of them relate to the many ways that you can collaborate on a project. To receive notifications, you can:

Action Description
Watch repositories When you watch a repository, GitHub subscribes you automatically to notifications for any new pull requests or issues that are created for that specific repository. You automatically watch any repository that you create or for which you are a collaborator.
Pull request When you create a pull request, and propose that the owners of a repo accept a change that you make, you automatically subscribe to receive notifications for the related discussion about the pull request. In order to create a Pull request you must first create a branch.
Comments When you make comments about another person’s pull request, GitHub subscribes you automatically to the forum that pertains to that comment, or you can subscribe to the forum manually.
Issues An issue is a suggestion, question, or request that pertains to a repository. Each issue has its own discussion, and you can subscribe to issues, or GitHub subscribes you automatically to issues that you create.
Mentions When another user mentions you in a conversation, using your GitHub user name (@username), GitHub subscribes you automatically to the discussion.

Note: You can modify how and when you receive notifications, and you also can unsubscribe to any or all discussions.