Explore Speech Studio

The Azure AI Speech service transcribes speech into text, and text into audible speech. You might use AI Speech to create an application that can transcribe meeting notes or generate text from the recording of interviews.

In this exercise, you will try out the capabilities of Azure AI Speech using Azure AI Speech Studio.

Create an Azure AI Speech resource

You can use the Speech service by creating either a Speech resource or an Azure AI services resource.

In this exercise, you will create an AI Speech resource, unless you already have a resource that you can use.

  1. In another browser tab, open Azure AI Speech Studio, signing in with your Microsoft account.

  2. Select Settings then Create a resource. Configure it with the following settings:
    • Name of new resource: Enter a unique name.
    • Subscription: Your Azure subscription.
    • Region: Select a supported region.
    • Pricing tier: Free FO (if available, otherwise select Standard S0).
    • Resource group: Select or create a resource group with a unique name.
  3. Select Create resource. Wait until the resource has been created and then select Use resource. The Get started with Speech page is displayed.

Explore speech to text in Speech Studio

  1. Select https://aka.ms/mslearn-speech-files to download speech.zip. Open the folder.

  2. On the Get started with Speech page, under Speech to text find Real-time speech to text. Select Try out Real-time speech to text.

    Getting started with Speech

  3. Under Choose audio files, select Browse files and navigate to the folder where you saved the file. Select WhatAICanDo.m4a and then Open.

    Browse files

  4. The Speech service transcribes and displays the text in real time. If you have audio on your computer, you can listen to the recording as the text is being transcribed.
  5. Review the output, which should have successfully recognized and transcribed the audio into text.

    Note If you get an error message, wait a few minutes before trying again. It takes a little time for the Speech resource to be available for first use.

In this exercise you created an AI Speech resource in Speech Studio. You then used the Real-time speech to text service to transcribe an audio recording. You were able to see the text transcription being generated as the audio file was played.

Clean up

If you don’t intend to do more exercises, delete any resources that you no longer need. This avoids accruing any unnecessary costs.

  1. Open the Azure portal and select the resource group that contains the resource you created.
  2. Select the resource and select Delete and then Yes to confirm. The resource is then deleted.

Learn more

This exercise demonstrated only some of the capabilities of the Speech service. To learn more about what you can do with this service, see the Speech page.