Lab 25 - Creating Access Reviews for Internal and External Users

Lab scenario

Privileged user access should be regularly reviewed in a similar manner.  Since these are elevated access assignments, the review of these should be done on a consistent basis as identified by the company.  Unused and unnecessary privileged assignments should be removed.  Automated removal should also be configured for users that are no longer with the company or have changed departments within the company.

Estimated time: 5 minutes

Exercise 1 - Create an internal Access review

Task - Create a new Access review

  1. Sign in to the as a Global administrator.

  2. Access reviews can manage the access lifecycle.  Within Azure Active Directory, find Identity Governance under the Manage menu. In Identity Goverance, select Access reviews.

  3. Select + New access review.

  4. In the Select what to review box choose Teams + Groups from the dropdown.

  5. Select Select Teams + groups and pick the Sales and Marketing group from the list, and hit Select.

  6. Set the Scope to All users.

  7. Select the Reviews option for move forward in the wizard.

  8. The next step is to determine the reviewers.  These reviewers can be the member themselves to do a self-review or can be assigned to supervisors if reviewing access for an entire department. You can also set the action when a reviewer does not respond to automatically remove that privileged access from the member.

  9. Pick a reviewer and review recurrence option. Then select Settings.

  10. The advanced settings allow you to put a message as part of the review.

  11. Select Review and Creat to finalize the access review.

  12. Name the access review SC300 Access Review Test.

  13. Select Create. When the access review is created, the access review list will populate with the roles and owners of the reviews.

  14. Members that are being reviewed will receive an email when the review is initiated.

  15. Selecting an access review of one of the roles will provide status on these access reviews.