Lab 12 - Manage Azure AD smart lockout values

Lab scenario

You must configure the additional password protection settings for your organization.

Estimated time: 5 minutes

Exercise 1 - Manage Azure AD smart lockout values

Task - Add Smart Lockouts

Based on your organizational requirements, you can customize the Azure AD smart lockout values. Customization of the smart lockout settings, with values specific to your organization, requires Azure AD Premium P1 or higher licenses for your users.

  1. Browse to and sign in using a Global administrator account for the directory.

  2. Open the portal menu and then select Azure Active Directory.

  3. On the Azure Active Directory page, under Manage, select Security.

  4. On the Security page, in the left navigation, select Authentication methods.

  5. In the left navigation, select Password protection.

    Screen image displaying the Authentication methods page and the highlighted selections to browse to Password authentication

  6. In the Password protection settings, in the Lockout duration in seconds box, set the value to 120.

  7. Next to Mode, select Enforced.

  8. Save your changes.

    NOTE - When the smart lockout threshold is triggered, you will get the following message while the account is locked:

    • Your account is temporarily locked to prevent unauthorized use. Try again later, and if you still have trouble, contact your admin.
  9. This can be tested by choosing a user in your Azure AD tenant, navigate in a private browser to and enter an incorrect password until the account gets notification that it is locked out.