Module 0: Course introduction


Bellows College is an educational organization with multiple buildings on campus. Campus visitors are currently recorded in paper journals. The information is not captured consistently, and there are no means to collect and analyze data about the visits across the entire campus.

Campus administration would like to modernize their visitor registration system where access to the buildings is controlled by security personnel and all visits are required to be pre-registered and recorded by their hosts.

Throughout this course, you will build applications and perform automation to enable the Bellows College administration and security personnel to manage and control access to the buildings on campus.

In this Module 0 lab, you will acquire a Power Platform trial tenant and access the Power Platform admin center. In the admin center, you will then create your Practice environment that you will do the majority of your lab work in.

Exercise 1 – Setup

Task 1 - Acquire your Microsoft Power Platform trial tenant

  1. Copy your Microsoft 365 credentials from the Authorized Lab Hoster.

  2. Navigate to and click Start free.

  3. Under Get started, enter the email address from your Microsoft 365 credentials in the text box that says Enter your work email address.

  4. You see a prompt that you have an existing account with Microsoft. Select Sign in.

  5. Enter the password provided by the Authorized Lab Hoster and sign in.

  6. Select Yes to stay signed in.

  7. Complete your account info and select Get started to sign up for your Microsoft Power Platform trial.

Task #2 – Create environment

  1. Access and log in with your Microsoft 365 credentials if prompted.

  2. Select Environments and click +New.

    1. For Name, enter [My Initials] Practice. (Example: AJ Practice.)

    2. For Type, select Trial (do not select the Trial (subscription-based) option).

    3. Change the toggle on Create a database for this environment? to Yes.

    4. Leave all other selections as default and click Next.

    5. On the next tab, leave all selections to default and click Save.

  3. Your Practice environment should now show in the list of Environments.

Your environment may take a few minutes to provision. Refresh the page if needed.