Create dashboards in the Power BI service

Create a dashboard

  1. First, in the Power BI service, create a new workspace.

  2. Select the D:\Allfiles\Demo\Resources\Icon-Airplane.jpg image for workspace icon.

  3. In Power BI Desktop, publish the Sales Analysis report to the new workspace.

  4. Once published, return to the Power BI service.

  5. Open the Sales Analysis report, and then ensure the Year slicer is set to CY2020.

Pin report visuals

  1. Pin the line and stacked column chart to create a new dashboard named Sales Monitoring.

  2. Pin the funnel chart to the new dashboard.

  3. Open the Sales Monitoring dashboard.

  4. Edit the details of the Profit Margin tile and change the subtitle text to include the year (CY2020).

Add Q&A tile

  1. Use Q&A on the dashboard to ask the following question: Total sales in CY2020

  2. Pin the response to the dashboard.

  3. Show how to resize and reposition the tiles.