Perform data analysis

Add a group

  1. Add another new page to the report named Category Analysis.

  2. Copy, paste, and then sync the Year slicer from the Profit Analysis page to the new page.

  3. Add a new group based on the Product table Category column.

  4. Create a group based on the Trainer value.

  5. Select the Include Other Group checkbox.

  6. Add a matrix visual, and position and size it so it fills the page.

  7. Configure the matrix visual as follows:

    • Rows: Product Category (groups) and Product Product
    • Values: Quantity, Sales, Profit, and Profit Margin from the Sales table
  8. Expand both categories.

Apply conditional formatting

  1. In the matrix visual, apply background color conditional formatting to the Profit Margin field.

  2. Select red for the minimum color, and green for the maximum color.

  3. Point out the range of colors used to convey low-to-high profit margin values.

  4. Save the Power BI Desktop file.

  5. Publish the report to the newer workspace, overwriting when prompted.

  6. In the Power BI service, open the Sales Analysis report, and interact with each of the report pages.

  7. Leave the Power BI Desktop file open.