Get data in Power BI

Start the development of a Power BI report

  1. Open Power BI Desktop, and then dismiss the getting started page.

  2. Save the file to the D:\Allfiles\Demo folder as Sales Analysis.

Connect to a SQL Server database

  1. “Get data” from SQL Server.

  2. Connect to the database server name found in the MySettings.txt file, using Windows authentication.

  3. Expand the TailspinToys2020-US database.

Create queries based on database tables

  1. Select the Product table to preview the data.

  2. Check the Product table to create query.

  3. Repeat the Sales table.

  4. Click Transform Data.

Preview data

  1. Describe the Power Query Editor window layout, including the Queries pane, the Query Settings pane, the ribbon, the preview grid, and the status bar.

  2. Point out the quality bar beneath the column headers and hover the cursor over it to reveal statistics about the column values.

  3. On the View ribbon tab, turn on Column Quality.

  4. Turn on Column Distribution and point out columns like ProductID (unique values) and ProductCategory (several duplicate values).

  5. Turn on Column Profile, and then select the ProductCategory column.

  6. Point out the column statistics and distribution.

  7. Turn back off the three options.

  8. Save the Power BI Desktop file, but do not apply changes.

  9. Leave the Power BI Desktop file open for the next demo.