Get started with Microsoft data analytics

Explore the dashboard

  1. Show the Sales Monitoring dashboard, and explain how it can be used to get at-a-glance facts.

  2. Click either tile to click through to the Sales Analysis report.

Explore the report

  1. Interact with various slicers and visuals across the pages.

  2. Edit the report, and then expand all fields in the Data pane.

Describe the solution that will be developed during the course

  1. Explain that the data model is based on a SQL Server database and an Excel workbook, which helps to determine cost of goods sold.

  2. Explain that a gateway will be set up to keep data current.

  3. Explain that it will be shared with a recipient, and that recipients will only be allowed to see a subset of data being only the product categories they manage.

  4. Return to the Power BI service home page, and collapse the workspace.

Note: You will not use this pre-developed solution again.