Demo Setup

VM Setup

  1. Sign in to the virtual machine environment using the Student account.

  2. Open Microsoft Edge, then navigate to and sign in using the instructor account.

    Tip: If prompted to change the password, be sure to record it in the D:\Allfiles\Demo\Setup\MySettings.txt file.

  3. In the Power BI service, accept the Power BI Pro trial.

First demo setup

  1. Create a workspace and use the D:\Allfiles\Demo\Resources\Icon-Star.jpg image as its icon.

  2. Open the D:\Allfiles\Demo\Setup\Sales Analysis.pbix file in Power BI Desktop.

  3. In Power BI Desktop, sign in by using the instructor account.

  4. Publish the report to the workspace you created earlier.

  5. In the Power BI service, open the Sales Analysis report, and then pin the column/line chart visual to create a new dashboard named Sales Monitoring.

  6. Pin the funnel chart to the dashboard, also.

  7. Open the dashboard and leave it ready for the first demo.

  8. Close Power BI Desktop.

Note: Demo assets can be found in the PL-300 Power BI Data Analyst GitHub Repository.