Module 4: Learn the Fundamentals of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Lab 1: Create a product assortment


You need to create an assortment of related products that are assigned to a specific commerce channel that will be made available at a future date.

Lab Setup

  • Estimated Time: 10 minutes


  1. On the Finance and Operations home page, on the top left, select the Expand the navigation pane hamburger menu.

  2. In the navigation pane, select Retail and Commerce > Catalogs and assortments > Assortments.

  3. Wait for the page to load.

  4. On the Assortments page, select + New.

  5. In the New Record pane, expand General.

  6. Select the Effective date box, and then select a date in the future.

  7. In the Assortment name box, enter a name for the new assortment. For example, New Spring Season.

  8. Set the Expiration date to Never.

    The expiration date can be used to automatically deactivate a published assortment.

  9. Expand Commerce channels.

  10. On the Commerce channels menu, select + Add line.

  11. In Choose organization nodes, select the Organization hierarchy menu, and then select Retail Stores by Type (Fabrikam).

  12. In the AVAILABLE ORGANIZATION NODES list, select Online, and then select the Add Picture 15 icon to add it to the SELECTED ORGANIZATION NODES.

    This adds to the parent node and all child nodes.

  13. Add the Mall parent node, and then select OK.

  14. Verify the two nodes have been added to the Commerce channels.

  15. Expand Products.

  16. On the Products menu, select + Add line.

  17. Select the Category menu, select Team Sports (Team Sports), and then select OK.

    This adds all child items of the parent category.

  18. Review the last column named Line type. By default, all items are included.

  19. Select + Add line, select the Category menu, expand Team Sports (Team Sports), select Baseball, and then select OK.

  20. To exclude an item from an already included larger category, in this case Team Sports, in the Line type column, change the value to Exclude.

  21. Using the Baseball category row, select the Products menu.

  22. When products within a category are defined, you can select a specific product to include or exclude. Select AdultBaseballInfield.

  23. To remove an added product, delete contents of the product box, and then press the Tab key on your keyboard or select another area of the page.

  24. On the top menu, select Save.

  25. On the top menu, select Publish.

  26. Review the information in the dialog box, and then select Yes.

    The newly created product assortment becomes available on the effective date.