Module 1: Explore the core capabilities of Dynamics 365 finance and operations apps

Lab 2: Excel integration


In this lab, you will learn how to copy data from finance and operations to Excel using Dynamics Data Connector office add-in app. You will also learn how the same app can be used to insert data into Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Lab Setup

  • Estimated Time: 5 minutes


Now that you have become familiar with finance and operations apps, take some time to explore the Excel integration scenario.

  1. Make sure you are in the USMF legal entity.

  2. Navigate to Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Vendors > Vendor groups.

  3. Select Open in Microsoft Office > Open in Excel.

  4. Select Vendor groups (usmf) and download the Excel template.

  5. Save and then open the downloaded Excel template, allow it if needed, close activation, and select Enable editing. Trust this add-in, and then sign in (using your same credentials, if asked).

    All the existing data of the Vendor group table appears in the Excel spreadsheet.

  6. Enter a new record.

  7. Enter 100 in the Vendor group field, Insurance Vendor in the Description field, and Net10 in the Terms of payment field.

  8. Select the Publish button in the Microsoft Dynamics Office Add-in app.

  9. Open the Vendor group form to verify that the new record is added.