Module 4: Sales Analytics and Insights

Practice Lab – Sales Insights


One of the primary selling points of Dynamics 365 Sales to World Wide Importers (WWI) was the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make sales data immediately actionable for their sales users. You are a functional consultant configuring Dynamics 365 Sales for World Wide Importers. You have been tasked with enabling out of the box Insights functionality so that users can use tools such as the relationship assistant, productivity cards and email intelligence. In this lab, you will enable Sales Insights and explore the settings.

Important Note: This lab will provide you with an actual Dynamics 365 tenant and licenses for the Power platform applications you will be using in this course. You will only be provided with one tenant for the practice labs in this course. The settings and actions you take within this tenant do not roll-back or reset. Whereas the virtual machine you are provided with does reset each time you close the lab session. What’s more, Dynamics 365 is evolving all the time. The instructions in this document may be different from what you experience in your actual Dynamics 365 tenant. It is also possible to experience a delay of several minutes before the virtual machine has network connectivity to begin the labs.

Exercise 1 - Acquire Tenant Information and Connect

Note: If you have already completed a practice recently, the virtual machine might pickup where you left off and you will not need to login again. In that case you can skip ahead to exercise two and resume.

Task 1 – Connect to the Power platform administration portal

  1. On Virtual machine MB200-Dynamics_Lab, sign in as Admin with the password Pa55w.rd if you are not already logged in.

  2. Outside the VM in the online lab interface click Files and choose D365 Credentials. This will allocate an Office 365 tenant for you to use in these labs. It will display the admin email and password for your tenant. You should copy this information to notepad or similar for your reference.

  3. In MB200-Dynamics_Lab launch Microsoft Edge from the taskbar. By default, the browser opens Office 365. Use the O365 credentials you just acquired in the previous step to login.

  4. Navigate in the browser to the Power platform admin portal at

Exercise 2 – Sales Intelligence

Task 1 – Review Personal Configuration

  1. Go to your Dynamics 365 Sales Hub application.

  2. Click on the Site Map button and click on the Sales Insights settings button.

  3. Examine what is available by default. You should see Assistant, Auto capture and Email engagement available.

Task 2 – Enable and explore Sales Insights

In this task, you will enable Relationship Assistant, Email Engagement, and Auto Capture.

  1. In Sales Insights settings, confirm that you are on the Overview tab.

  2. Scroll down to the Terms of service section and click the I agree button.

  3. Assistant and Auto capture should now have Manage > links next to their tabs.

  4. Click Grant permissons next to Email Engagement and accept the permissions in the dialog box. Note: Additional permissions may be required to enable Email Engagement. Depending on your virtual machine, you may not be able to set up these permissions. If this is the case in your virtual machine, skip steps 14 and 15 in this task.

  5. Click on the Manage button next to Assistant.

  6. You will be taken to the Relationship Assistant tab. Review and explore the available cards.

  7. Select the Recent Meeting card and explore the card details. Toggle the card to Off. This card is now disabled.

  8. Click Save.

  9. Return to the list of available cards. Recent Meeting should no longer be visible at the top of the list.

  10. Return to the Overview tab.

  11. On the Overview tab, click Manage > next to Auto capture.

  12. Confirm Auto capture is enabled via the toggle.

  13. Return to the Overview tab.

  14. On the Overview tab, click Manage > next to Email engagement.

  15. Confirm Email engagement is enabled via the toggle.

Task 3 - Install Sales Insights

In this task, you will enable Notes analysis and Relationship analytics.

  1. Return to the Overview tab.

  2. Scroll down to the “Get advanced AI capabilities with Sales Insights” section.

  3. Click the Try Sales Insights button.

  4. A new window will open with an installation screen. Accept the Online Service Terms and click Install.

  5. The installation will start and can take up to 5 minutes. While the installation is occurring, return to the Assistant section and explore the other available cards. Which cards would be the most useful in the daily life of a sales representative?

  6. Once Sales Insights is installed, return to the Sales Insights settings pages and refresh. You should now see new tabs in your left menu, including Notes analysis, relationship analytics, lead scoring and opportunity scoring.

  7. Click on the Notes Analysis tab and enable the feature.

  8. Select the Relationship Analytics tab.

  9. Check the Enable relationship analytics for your organization checkbox and click Save. Review the data sources.

Sales Insights is now enabled for your organization.