Module 16: Additional Considerations

Practice Lab – Install the mobile client


As a functional consultant at Contoso, you’ve been asked to help create an app that tracks customers current problems. In these practices on solutions, you will create a solution to track all your components, export and import into production, and then go through a maintenance cycle using patches to update the deployed solution. In this practice, you will be doing the following:

  • Install the mobile application

  • Practice navigating within the application

  • Qualify a lead and close an opportunity

Important Note: This lab will provide you with an actual Office 365 tenant and licenses for the Power Platform applications you will be using in this course. You will only be provided with one tenant for the practice labs in this course. The settings and actions you take within this tenant do not roll-back or reset, whereas the virtual machine you are provided with does reset each time you close the lab session. Please be aware that Office 365 is evolving all the time. The instructions in this document may be different from what you experience in your actual Office 365 tenant. It is also possible to experience a delay of several minutes before the virtual machine has network connectivity to begin the labs.

Exercise 1 - Acquire Tenant Information and Connect

Note: If you have already completed a practice recently, the virtual machine might pick up where you left off and you will not need to login again.  In that case you can skip ahead to exercise two and resume.

Task 1 – Connect to the Power platform administration portal

  1. On Virtual machine MB200-Dynamics_Lab, sign in as Admin with the password Pa55w.rd if you are not already logged in.

  2. Outside the VM in the online lab interface click Files and choose D365 Credentials. This will allocate an Office 365 tenant for you to use in these labs.  It will display the admin email and password for your tenant.  You should copy this information to notepad or similar for your reference.

  3. In MB200-Dynamics_Lab launch Microsoft Edge from the taskbar. By default, the browser opens Office 365. Use the O365 credentials you just acquired in the previous step to login.

  4. Navigate in the browser to the Power platform admin portal at

Exercise 2 – Install Dynamics 365 for Mobile

In this exercise, you will install the Dynamics 365 for Mobile application and use it.

Task 1 – Install Application

In this task, you go to your app store and install the Dynamics 365 for Mobile application and use it.

  1. Go to the app store of your mobile platform.

  2. Search for Dynamics 365.

  3. Locate and select Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  4. Click Install.

  5. Wait for the installation to complete and Launch the application.

  6. Provide your Microsoft Dynamics 365 URL https://[YourOrg]

  7. Provide your login information and sign in.

  8. You will be presented with a list of published apps.

  9. Locate and click on the Sales Hub application.

  10. The Sales Activity Social Dashboard will load.

Task 2 – Navigation

  1. Click on the menu button and select Opportunities.

  2. Click on the … icon and then click the Select button.

  3. Check the checkbox of a few records.

  4. Click on the Select button again. The checkboxes will disappear.

  5. Click on the … button and then click Sort.

  6. Select Est. Revenue. The view will be sorted accordingly.

  7. Click on the … button and then click Show Chart.

  8. The Top Customers chart will load.

  9. Click on the Top Customers. Available charts for the Opportunity will be listed here.

  10. Scroll to and select the Opportunity by Pipeline Phase chart.

  11. Click Expand Chart. An expanded view of the chart will load.

  12. Click Close.

  13. Click on the … button and then click the Hide Chart button.

  14. Click Select again.

  15. Check the checkbox of one record.

  16. Click on the button again and see what actions you can take when you have a record selected.

  17. Click on the Home button.

  18. Click on the Search button.

  19. Search for Jim.

  20. The result should return one Contact and one Opportunity. You may have to scroll to the right to see the second record.

  21. Click on the Filter With dropdown and select Opportunity.

  22. Click on the back button.

Task 3 – Lead to Close

In this task, you will create a lead, qualify it, and process the opportunity that will be created for the lead.

  1. Click on the navigation button and select Leads.

  2. Click on the … button and click + New

  3. Enter Mobile Test for Topic, enter Jane for First Name, Doe for Last Name, and click Save.

  4. Click on the … button and select Qualify.

  5. An Opportunity and a Contact will be created from the Lead.

  6. Go to the Business Process Flow and click on the arrow button to move to the right. The Business Process Flow will advance to the next stage of the Opportunity.

  7. Click on the Develop stage, click the checkbox Identify Stakeholders and Identify Competitors to mark the steps complete.

  8. Click Next Stage.

  9. The Business Process Flow will advance to the Propose stage.

  10. Click on the Propose stage and mark all of the steps complete.

  11. Click Next Stage.

  12. The Business Process Flow will advance to the Close stage.

  13. Click on the Close Stage and mark all the steps complete.

  14. Click Finish.

  15. Click on the Close as Won button located on the command bar.

  16. Enter 200,000 for Actual Revenue and click OK.

  17. The Opportunity will close.