Module 13: Managing Data

Lesson 5: Practice Lab – Import data


You are a functional consultant working on the Fabrikam project. Your client wants you to import some data in the their CDS environment. Specifically, they have some data to import into an existing Knowledge Assessment entity. You choose to leverage Power Query to transform the data and complete the import.

Important Note: This lab will provide you with an actual Office 365 tenant and licenses for the Power Platform applications you will be using in this course. You will only be provided with one tenant for the practice labs in this course. The settings and actions you take within this tenant do not roll-back or reset, whereas the virtual machine you are provided with does reset each time you close the lab session. Please be aware that Office 365 is evolving all the time. The instructions in this document may be different from what you experience in your actual Office 365 tenant. It is also possible to experience a delay of several minutes before the virtual machine has network connectivity to begin the labs.

Exercise 1 - Acquire Tenant Information and Connect

Note: If you have already completed a practice recently, the virtual machine might pick up where you left off and you will not need to login again.  In that case you can skip ahead to exercise two and resume.

Task 1 – Connect to the Power platform administration portal

  1. On Virtual machine MB200-Dynamics_Lab, sign in as Admin with the password Pa55w.rd if you are not already logged in.

  2. Outside the VM in the online lab interface click Files and choose D365 Credentials. This will allocate an Office 365 tenant for you to use in these labs.  It will display the admin email and password for your tenant.  You should copy this information to notepad or similar for your reference.

  3. In MB200-Dynamics_Lab launch Microsoft Edge from the taskbar. By default, the browser opens Office 365. Use the O365 credentials you just acquired in the previous step to login.

  4. Navigate in the browser to the Power platform admin portal at

Exercise 2 – Import Data

In this exercise, you will import Knowledge Assessment records into your CDS environment.

Task 1 – Load Excel file to OneDrive

In this task, you will Load then Knowledge Assessments Excel file to your OneDrive. You can choose many data sources to use with Power Query, but Excel was the one you chose.

  1. Navigate to and make sure you are NOT in the default environment.

  2. Click on the Waffle button in the upper left corner to change applications and select OneDrive.

  3. Click Upload and select Files.

  4. Select the Knowledge Assessments file located in the resources folder and click Open.

Task 2 – Create Data Integration Project

In this task, you will create a new data integration project and transform the table

  1. Navigate to and make sure you are NOT in the default environment.

  2. Expand Data and select Data Integration.

  3. Click + New Data Integration Project.

  4. Select Excel.

  5. Click Browse.

  6. Pick your admin account.

  7. Select the Knowledge Assessments file you uploaded to OneDrive and click Open.

  8. Click Next.

  9. Select the Knowledge Assessment table and click Next.

  10. Click Transform Table and select Use First Row as Headers.

Task 3 – Manage and Transform Columns

In this task, you will remove unwanted columns, split the End Date column, change the year from 2019 to 2020, and then merge back together.

  1. Select the first three columns that have (Do Not Modify) in header.

  2. Click Manage Columns and select Remove Columns.

  3. Select the End Date column.

  4. Click Transform Columns, click Split Column, and select By Delimiter.

  5. Select Advanced.

  6. Select Custom for Separator.

  7. Type /

  8. Enter 3 for Number of Columns.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Select the End Date.3 column.

  11. Click Transform Column and select Replace Values.

  12. Enter 2019 for Value to Find.

  13. Enter 2020 for Replace with and click OK.

  14. Select all three End Date columns. Select End Date.1 first, then End Date.2, and then End Date.3.

  15. Click Transform Columns and select Merge Columns.

  16. Select Custom for Separator.

  17. Enter / and click OK.

  18. Double click on the Merged column and rename it End Date.

  19. Click Next.

  20. Select Load to Existing Entity.

  21. Select cr123_Knowledge Assessment. The prefix will be different your entity.

  22. Map Difficulty to cr123_Difficulty.

  23. Map End Date, Start Date, and Title to their corresponding fields.

  24. Check the Delete Rows that No Longer Exist…. checkbox and click Next.

  25. Click Create.

  26. Wait for the loading to complete. The Load Status will indicate Completed.

  27. Click Done.

  28. You will now have one project in the list. Click on the More Commands button and select Rename.

  29. Enter Knowledge Assessment Project and click Rename.

Task 4– Test Your Work

  1. Select Entities.

  2. Locate and click to open the Knowledge Assessment entity.

  3. Select the Data tab.

  4. You should see all the imported Knowledge Assessments.

  5. Select Apps and click to open the Fabrikam Assessments application.

  6. The imported data should show up in the application.

  7. Close the Fabrikam Assessment application.

  8. Select Apps and click to open the Knowledge Admin application.

  9. Click on the Site Map button and select Assessments.

  10. The imported Knowledge Assessments should be on this view.

  11. Click to open one of the Knowledge Assessments you imported.

  12. Locate the Days Remaining field in the header and make sure it has a calculated value.