18 - Explore Microsoft Compliance Offerings (5 min)

In this walkthrough, we will access Compliance Offerings, the Service Trust Portal (STP), and Compliance Manager.

Task 1: Access Microsoft Compliance Offerings

  1. In a browser, navigate to the Compliance Offerings page.

  2. On the Compliance page, notice the offerings are grouped into Global, US Government, Industry, and Regional.

  3. In the Global group, click ISO 27001. Scroll through the information provided. Scrolling down on the page will take you to a section Compliance offerings specifically for Azure

    Note: The ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standards page is typical of the type of complaince information we provide.

Task 2: Access the Service Trust Portal (STP)

  1. In a browser, navigate to the Service Trust Portal page.

  2. Notice the Audit Reports section. In this section are independent audit reports for different Microsoft’s Cloud services. If you want to try the Compliance Manager you will need to login.

  3. It may take a couple of minutes for all the audits to load. You will need to login to your Microsoft account to view specific reports.

Task 3: Access the Compliance Manager via the Service Trust Portal

The Compliance Manager makes it easy to perform risk assessments of Microsoft’s cloud services. Use Compliance Manager to manage your organization’s compliance activities from implementation to reporting.

  1. If your browser window is still open from Task 2, proceed to Step 2. Otherwise, In a browser, navigate to the Compliance Manager page.

  2. Scroll down to Audit Reports. Take a look around.

Congratulations! In this walkthrough, you accessed the Trust Center, Service Trust Portal (STP), and Compliance Manager.