#AZ-304: Lab file names in GitHub

Source repo: https://github.com/MicrosoftLearning/AZ-304-Microsoft-Azure-Architect-Design/

Module 3 Lab

Lab title: Migrating Hyper-V VMs to Azure by using Azure Migrate

  • Current file name: Module_3_Lab.md
  • Previous file name: LAB_02_Data Storage.md

Module 4 Lab

Lab title: Managing Azure AD Authentication and Authorization

  • Current file name: Module_4_Lab.md
  • Previous file name: LAB_10_Security.md

Module 6 Lab

Lab title: Implementing Azure SQL Database-Based Applications

  • Current file name: Module_6_Lab.md
  • Previous file name: LAB_03_Data Storage.md

Module 13 Lab

Lab title: Implement Azure Logic Apps Integration with Azure Event Grid

  • Current file name: Module_13_Lab_a.md
  • Previous file name: LAB_04_Manage Compute_PaaS.md